Getting started at The Dojo couldn't be easier!

First, we offer a FREE TRIAL CLASS in our kids programs so you can come in, meet the instructors, ask questions, and see if our program seems like a good fit for your child.

Next, just $49 gets you a Dojo uniform and a one-month trial. You'll - -

 - See your child in a variety of classes

 - Get to know the coaches, and

 - Have all of your questions answered.


We think you'll be thrilled . . .

. . . but if you're not, no problem.

There's no obligation if you choose not to continue after your "test drive."

And continuing in our beginner program is just as easy --

with a month-to-month membership -- no long-term contracts! 


So fill in the info below or call us today at 770-965-0808,

and let us show you what The Dojo can do for your child,

or for your whole family!

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