It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. This is karate for the 21st century! We combine elements of boxing, traditional martial arts, wrestling, cross-training, and the entire process is driven by a second-to-none commitment to character development within our student base. It’s an exciting, engaging karate environment that gets kids and their parents excited about being here. We hold ourselves and our students to the highest possible standards and the result of that is evident in the students at The Dojo!


Our world-class evening karate program is a demanding, fun, and immersive experience that takes a student from complete novice to full mastery of our system, including options for competitive training, leadership development, and community involvement. Students begin with a foundational class to teach the basics and help them understand how things work at The Dojo. From there, they jump into a higher level class with more advanced curriculum that rotates on a cyclical basis to keep kids focused and engaged! At higher levels, students are able to participate in sparring, weapons, and training for demonstration and competition! Come check it out! We know you’ll be impressed!


After School Karate at The Dojo is the daycare alternative you’re looking for! Our comprehensive program includes pickup from school in one of our Dojo buses and three full karate classes each day! The After School Karate Program follows the same path as our standard evening karate program, with constantly varied curriculum driven by character development and student accountability. From the time kids arrive at our state-of-the-art facility, they are in motion. Each student is challenged by the curriculum, encouraged by the coaches, and engaged in the classes every single day.


The Dojo’s Summer Camps are high-energy events meant to engage, challenge, and excite kids through the summer! Each week of camp centers around an exciting theme and our fast-paced camp games bring these themes to life! Summer camps are a great way to keep your kids active through the summer - there’s no downtime here! Kids are moving, playing, and learning all day long!