red uniform cancellation


Canceling or FREEZING red uniform one-year memberships

If you just want to "Freeze" your membership . . .

If you're just wanting for your child to take a short break (2 weeks or more) and you intend to return, then you can "freeze" your membership by letting us know in advance.  We will count the days your child is absent, and upon his or her return we'll add that many days onto the end of the original membership term. We will continue to collect the 12 payments as scheduled in the membership agreement. After the 12th payment, your membership will continue until the new membership ending date.

if you want to cancel your membership . . .

If you do not plan to return, you may give us notice to terminate your one-year membership early. We will collect an amount equal to one month's tuition as an "early termination fee." We will not collect any further payments (so long as your notice is provided at least 10 days before the next scheduled payment). Your child may continue to attend for one month after the date of your final tuition payment. The "early termination fee" is not a tuition payment, and it does not qualify for an additional month of attendance.

To notify us of a freeze request or a membership cancellation, just click on the button below: