congratulations on your invitation to the red uniform program!



We’re ready! How do I get started?  If your questions are answered, just click the button below and let us know. We’ll contact you as soon as we get the paperwork ready and make sure we have a uniform in stock.

Do we have to make this move right now?  Because of the structure of our curriculum, students need to enter the Red Uniform program only at the beginning of a cycle; they would not have a productive experience if they entered toward the middle or end of the cycle.  That’s why we try to get everything set up before graduation, so that students will be ready to move into the new program as soon as the next cycle begins.


Which class group will my child be in, and what is the class schedule?    Generally speaking, if your child is currently in Beginner Younger, he or she will move to Juniors, and students in Beginner Older will move to Excellence.  Your coaches can discuss this with you if your child is at an age where he or she should move from the younger group to the older. The class schedule is always posted on the student section of the website. CLICK HERE for the current schedule.


What belt color comes next? Students in Juniors first earn an Orange Belt, followed by Advanced Orange, then Gold.  Students in Excellence first earn a Gold Belt.  The remaining progression through the Red Uniform sequence is: Advanced Gold, Green, Advanced Green, Purple, Advanced Purple.  


Does my child have to spar?  No, sparring is not required in Team Excellence. However, it is available to students who wish to participate. Of course, you will need to get a full set of protective gear first.  Talk to your coaches if you think your child is ready to start sparring.


Are there any costs or fees other than tuition?  The price of a red uniform is $30 plus tax ($32.10). The graduation fee for the colored belts earned in the  Red Uniforms class  is $40. There is no additional fee for participating in sparring classes if you choose to do so.


What if we need to take a break during the year -- can we freeze the membership?  We do offer a membership freeze. Here’s how it works. We leave the monthly payment in place during the freeze, but we do not count the time away against your one-year membership term. When your child returns to class, we add missed time to the original year so that you get to use a full year of class attendance.


What if my child just wants to quit?  We certainly hope you’ll encourage your child to stick with commitments and work through slumps if they occur; that’s part of the value of our program!  But if you simply must quit, notify us and we will charge the equivalent of one month’s tuition as a cancellation fee and terminate the agreement.


What if I have other questions?  Just let us know here. We’ll get right back to you!