October 27 - January 12

To graduate students must earn all 4 of the stripes listed below by January 12th

2018.10.29 Excellence Stripe Chart.jpg

Self Defense

Punch Stripe

Kick Stripe

Green Belt Test -  All advanced gold belts are required to earn their stripes AND take a formal belt test with their peers.  This test is scheduled and marked on the calendar each cycle.  The test list is below and we will offer practice sessions to go over this curriculum in the weeks prior to the test.

Blue Belt Test - After completing a cycle at Advanced Purple Belt you will be required to take a Blue Belt Test. This test is longer and more rigorous than the Green Belt test.  This test is also the last requirement needed to move into the Black Uniform Program!

Green Belt Test Review video can be found here.

Blue Belt Test Review video can be found here.